Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Voiceamerica.com - Cancer Concepts and Complements

Cancer Concepts and Complements

Dr. James Belanger of the Lexington Natural Health Center starting hosting his own radio show on cancer on the Voice America Network. The show is called, Cancer Concepts and Complements.

You can listen to the show any time you want by clicking on this link:
Once the page opens, look to the right side and you will see an episode directory.  If you click on January 2014 you will find 2 episodes and if you click on February 2014 you will find one episode.
All 3 shows in the archives are about enhancing the effectiveness of chemotherapy.   The next two shows will be on supporting the immune system in people with cancer.
If you want to listen to the show on a mobile device download the Voice America Talk Radio Network app.  It is a free app.  Once the app has loaded and you have opened the app, click on menu then podcasts.  Scroll down to find Cancer Concepts and Complements
Other show topics over the next ten weeks will be enhancing the effectiveness and reducing the side effects of radiation, hormonal and targeted therapies using natural medicines. At least one show will be dedicated to diet and cancer.   We hope you will find the information useful.